The visit of the Workshop

Discover below the several stages of the realization of an umbrella:




The cut of the fabric

A classical umbrella is made of 8 fabric points. For some of our models, the number of pieces can go up to 40 !


The assembly of the points

with a sewing machine of type on throwing


The installation of the bias

This consists in edging the umbrella to make it more solid and to avoid the fraying of the fabric.


The installlation of the "aiguillettes"

Metal pieces sewed at the end of the 8 seams, which allows to fix the fabric on the ribs (metal frame)


The machine with "arrêtures"

allows to sew the fabric on each rib.


The assembly of the umbrella ...

Last technical checking !


To end width ...

the ironing of the umbrella...

That's it ! Now you know some secrets concerning the umbrella's manufacture... You are invited to discover our different models in the catalogue.

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